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We provide one-stop services from product design, sample set up, procurement, production, processing, packaging and assembly, import/export operations to logistics and distribution. Based on our quality assembly plant, CD/DVD replication factory, vinyl record plant, printing factory, boutique box production plant and other resources integration, constitute the unique advantages of our upstream and downstream complete product chain supporting system.

  • 40 DAYS
  • 1000000


7" 10" 12" Vinyl  record  color be picked up from our color chart

Solid Vinyl record

Picture Vinyl record with 1 side or 2 sides picture printing

Solid color Vinyl recrod 3-colors mixed Vinyl record Transparent or white record

order vinyl records

12 inch lp

vinyl record

order vinyl records


1、Q:What's the idealist play time per side?

A: Kindly check below for our best playtime each side recommended by us
33 1/3 rpm 7"-- 6mins 10“ --16mins 12"--24mins

45rpm 7"-- 5mins 10" --13mins 12"--16mins
2、 Q: How can I send the music files?
A: All files should be premastered for vinyl purpose, 24- or 16-bit WAV files are preferred. Files can be sent via dropbox,
wetransfer or google drive whatever is convenient for you!
3、 Q: What format should I create my Artworks?
A: Kindly have the artwork created in Ai format, with all fonts (letters) outlined created for cmyk printing purpose.
4 、Q: How will the product be packaged?

A:We procure and monitor the inventories of various kinds of packaging materials from our approved vendors to serve your specific quest for quality and delivery.

5 、Q: What is the turnaround of our custom vinyl project?
A: We are the fastest around, it only takes 3-4 weeks for lacquer cutting and then 15-20 days for bulk pressing.
6、 Q: Does the supplier have a quality system?
A:Our products are ISO 9001:2015 certified

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