​An introduction to the details of vinyl record customisation

2023-02-01 14:30

In response to the concerns of many custom customers, today we are going to look at two very important points in the process of confirming the details of a custom vinyl record before it is made, the speed of the record and the grammage of the vinyl record.

Since its inception, vinyl records have been available in four speeds, which are marked by the number of revolutions per minute the record makes - 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 16 3/4 RPM and 78 RPM.

If you're just a music lover, you'll hardly ever play 78 and 16 RPM vinyl these days, but in the vast majority of cases the full size, 12", 33 RPM vinyl.

In some cases, you may come across single track (EP) vinyl that is 45 rpm with a 7" diameter disc surface and, rarely, a 10" disc surface.

The 45 rpm vinyl is the best sounding, it has a wider sound groove and a higher read line speed, the recording density is higher and you get more detail in the music.

The second question is, does the thickness of the vinyl matter?

Some vinyl records are a little thicker and therefore heavier than normal, so a thicker record will state on the sleeve that it is a "180 gram base", which is a good thing, especially if you are an audiophile, and means that you are likely to get better sound quality.

Heavier vinyl records take longer to press and have deeper and finer grooves, so thicker records will have a longer playing life. Vinyl is a mechanical product and it is said that the grooves in the grooves wear a little bit after each play, so a heavier quality record means that it can be worn for longer.

So when you're ready for music and have a plan for a custom vinyl record, check these details with our staff. With a good budget, we can make the best record together.

Here is the contact information for the custom vinyl staff:

PEIPEI, Email: dsgj.mai@gmail.com | Whatsapp: +86 19570067652

ANNA, Email: desheng_2018@163.com| Whatsapp: +86 13760637135

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